Android developer

Job description

Lepaya develops innovative and personalized learning solutions that make corporate trainings more impactful and more engaging. The startup is in a very strong position: the platform works, the proposition is validated in the market and the current clients are excited. Now Lepaya is gearing up for growth.


Lepaya was founded by Peter Kuperus and René Janssen in 2017. Peter and René worked together at BCG and have both held leadership positions at companies like Lazada, TravelBird and Rocket Internet. They witnessed first-hand that the market for corporate trainings has not seen any significant innovation in decades, and that especially young professionals and young leaders don’t have the tools they need to optimally develop themselves.

While the current offline training offerings are mostly expensive, time consuming and focused on getting to know yourself better, professionals actually need help developing practical skills in ways that are short and snappy. Skills like facilitating meetings, time management and effective communication.

‘Online’ may sound modern and young, but that doesn’t mean that current online trainings actually are. These solutions generally provide access to lecture recordings and long theoretical modules. Users have to browse through them on their own to find relevant content. That doesn’t fit the way new generations want to learn (or live).


That’s why Lepaya developed a training platform that fully fits 2019: online where possible and face-to-face where face-to-face really adds value. With facilitators who help learners in short sessions to develop practical skills. Skills that can directly be applied in to-the-point video instructions, focused articles and short assignments, all accessible on a smartphone anywhere and anytime.

“A lot of training organizations are led by education experts. Our strong business background gives us a much better understanding of the skills professionals actually need. But that doesn’t mean we don’t develop trainings that aren’t educationally sound. We just see theory as a means to an end, not as a starting point.” – Peter Kuperus, co-founder

The strength of Lepaya is the effective and inspiring way the company combines online with offline. Lepaya makes learning measurable. With its digital training modules the company gathers extensive data – e.g. about when users are active and how long they spend on specific elements – and combines those with qualitative feedback and the latest in educational science. That’s how Lepaya continuously improves its product.


About the role?

  • You will work on the mobile app used by learners.

  • You will develop new features and improve existing ones.

  • You will collaborate with a cross functional team to build a great product.

  • Your will contribute to choosing the right technologies (Check our current stack)

Who are you?

  • You are passionate about technology.

  • You are a problem solver.

  • You choose the right tool for the job.

  • You have experience building mobile apps Android (Java)

  • You have experience building both UI and state management

  • You have experience with working with RESTful APIs

  • You are familiar with other mobile development frameworks. (React native or Flutter is a plus)

  • You are eligible to work in the Netherlands (already have working permit or do not need one)

What do we offer?

  • An inspiring, extremely rapidly moving environment with a great culture!

  • A modern, evolving and flexible tech stack that you can help shape.

  • Great personal growth and career opportunities, working directly with an experienced team of a young and dynamic start-up, with initial funding raised.

  • A package in line with the potential that we believe Lepaya has.

  • Participation in the Lepaya Work-To-Live-scheme (which we shall co-design)

  • Salary range: 30-54k gross annually, depending on your experience.

Why Lepaya?

Lepaya is an Amsterdam based start-up, founded in 2017, with global reach. We are still actively building. Our founders Peter Kuperus and René Janssen are ex-strategy consultants (BCG), and have held senior positions in sold/divested businesses of up to 10 figures across continents (Lazada Group, TravelBird, WestWing/Rocket Internet).

2B+ working adults across the globe spend the majority of their waking time at work. Technology changes, work changes -- people need to learn even quicker. We are well positioned to make a change in this field and be among the leading innovative start ups. While, to make this happen, we need to work hard, fast, and intelligently, we aim to give you a great and inspiring learning journey yourself. We offer great challenges, and great learnings, and great fun.