Head of Business Development

Job description

Lepaya makes Learning more effective and more engaging with innovative and personalized learning solutions and company training. The startup has laid an excellent foundation last year: the technology works, the proposition has been tested and the customers are enthusiastic. The learning platform is now fully focused on growth. This is the time to step in. The new Head of Business Development will have the opportunity to work in a dynamic and enterprising environment, where he / she plays a central role in realizing the growth ambitions.

The market for company training has been stalled for decades. Especially young professionals and young leaders do not get the tools they need to develop optimally. That is why Lepaya has developed a training platform that fits 2019: online where it can be online, and live where live has an added value. With focused sessions and with to-the-point videos, articles and assignments that you always have access to via your smartphone.

Lepaya makes learning measurable. The company combines extensive data - for example, about when people follow a training course and how long they are doing - with qualitative feedback and the latest scientific insights in the field of education. Last year has shown that Lepaya's proposition works. Now the company wants to grow rapidly and also expand internationally.


"The Head of Business Development needs to be able to see new opportunities and get on with them like no other. Our customers are companies that really care about their employees. He / she must have a feeling about this. Someone really needs to understand what those companies and their fellow employees need and build a strong relationship with HR directors and the business based on their content. " - René Janssen, co-founder

The Head of Business Development is crucial in realizing Lepaya's growth ambitions: a five-fold increase in sales by 2019. To this end, he / she develops the growth strategy, attracts new customers and identifies how Lepaya can increase its turnover with existing customers.

The Head of Business Development leads the sales team. This involves operational management, scaling up the sales process, thinking about structures, KPIs and targets, and developing the team further. He / she also does a lot of hands-on work himself and for example also goes to customers a lot.

The first concrete assignment to the Head of Business Development is to build up its own customer portfolio in six to twelve months. In it he / she seeks cooperation with the Account Managers and Educationalists, who focus on shaping and providing the training. 



  • 7+ years of work experience, of which 3+ in Sales, Business Development or Lead Generation
  • Affinity with learning, training or HR
  • Good command of Dutch and English
  • Experience with the Challenger Sales Model is an advantage


  • Datagedreven
  • Flexible
  • Studious
  • Decisive